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Who are we?

Established in 2009, LEDIT COMPANY LIMITED is a business-to-business company with deep experience in lighting, LED technology and LED solutions for general illumination and across specific industries such as Signage. As a company born in France with manufacturing plants in China, LEDIT has HQ offices and personnel in both continents (Lyon, Paris and Guangzhou). As a global player we also have offices in Southern Africa and other regions.

 Our international sales team has been involved for the last 2 decades in hundreds of Corporate Identity projects around the world illuminated with high-quality LED solutions.

 Never satisfied just meeting industry standards, LEDIT R&D team continuously works to innovate and develop our portfolio to offer solutions with longer life and warranty, and lower energy consumption and labor time.

 Your needs are our goals, our passion is our drive.

 As manufacturers who are also expert in end users’ applications, we are committed to find the best solution to provide your project with efficient and sustainable light at the best cost, without ever compromising quality and long life. This is our commitment to you.


Why choose LEDIT?

There are too many myths and false claims on LED sustained by too many LED products that look identical at glance but are worlds apart in consistency and maintenance of light over a very long lifetime.

With our long experience and deep knowledge, we help customers discern what is real and possible, and what solutions are designed and engineered to deliver the benefits of LED consistently for years to come.

 Our solutions are a result of a long comprehensive experience in traditional lighting and LED technology, together with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs. We prioritize quality design and quality components over quantity of sales or profit because we are here for the long run. We are not going anywhere, except getting closer to you.

 LEDIT works with team members, sales distributors, partners and customers located all around the world. However, our concern is individual. Our focus is you and the projects you are working on. Our goal is to help you make them real in the most efficient way.

 Why professionals like yourself choose to work with us?

 We know light. We will help you profit from all advantages and benefits of LED without worries about the critical points of long quality and lifetime LED solutions. We are passionate and determined to bring your projects to life, every step of the way.

We are honest. We will not sell you myths or products that will fall under your expectations.

We have worked and helped a wide variety of end customers, from big multinationals to small companies, to develop sustainable projects in every continent.

 We help you light up the world responsibly.

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